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Born in Cairo and raised in Sydney, Joseph is a multi-award winning composer, improviser and champion of his extraordinary instrument, the Oud. His music, while rooted in Arabic traditions, is boundary and genre-crossing, absorbing the influence and elements of western classical, jazz, world, folk, and even metal and bluegrass. His concerts showcase his fierce virtuosity, alongside the exceptionally intimate and lyrical capabilities of his instrument. Works for solo Oud will be featured in this concert alongside ensemble pieces and duo works with piano and violin.

1. Kindred Spirits

2. Permission to Evaporate
3. Eye of the Beholder
4. Point of Departure
5. Constantinople

with Raja Halder, Matthew Ward, Jenny Sacha (violins), Ting-Ru Lai (viola), Bartholomew LaFollette, Laura van der Heijden (cellos) and Laurence Ungless (double bass).

A Dream 

Bluegrass Nikriz
Give or Take 

with Benjamin Grosvenor

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